Happy New 2010

As one year melts (literally – it’s summer here and the temperature’s pushing the mercury) into another it’s time to take stock of 2009 and set goals for the year ahead.

2009: personally it’s been a good year. I’ve kicked back and relaxed, had good times with friends and seen good friends go through tough moments. Hopefully I’ve helped them. Career-wise -it’s been a huge learning curve. Having taken a break from paid employment to concentrate on writing I’ve learnt a few things:
Writing is hard
Writers needs ‘stickability’, perseverence and a very thick skin
Writers need goals

Goal setting and me are not something usually mentioned in the same sentence! Sure, I’ve made many resolutions in the past – always the same things: lose a stone in weight, get fitter, get book published – you know the score.
Curiously, I’ve never achieved them. (Although my son was agog when I said I would have the same resolution this year as for the past 30 years – to lose a stone. “You were 30 stone?” he asked amazed. – LOL! NO! I just never lost that original stone).
I guess the saying is true: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”.
What I’ve been lacking, I think, is clearly defined goals and steps to achieve those goals. Apparently they need to be SMART. So, here goes, these are the goals I thought of on New Year’s Eve:
Writing Goals:
Write every week day in school term – think of it as a job, not a hobby
-Finish current ms by end of March
-Submit to 2 publishers
-Finish next mss first draft by end of November ready for editing
-Enter Clendon, Emerald and Emily competitions
-Attend RomAus conference in Sydney
-Blog once a fortnight
Personal Goals:
-Spend more time with hubby doing fun things together
-Finish curtains for lounge
-Finish curtains for bedroom (had material for 3 years)
-Paint bedroom
-Get to UK to see sister’s new baby somehow……
-Phone my Mum once a week
Health Goals:
-Walk at least 4 times a week for an hour
-Eat 5+ a day!
-Adopt a positive attitude and be grateful for the good things in life
Day 5 of the new year and so far:
-Have written once (it’s school holidays though)
-Had 10 days off with husband and looking forward to another 2 weeks from this friday
-Eaten 5+ a day for last 4 days and feel great!

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