The Plot Conundrum

Here’s the thing, I recently had a wonderful rejection (wonderful – go figure. And on my birthday too!) where an editor told me that my plot was too complex and contrived. So now I need to try to make it simpler but keep the conflict element high. What to do?
How to make a simple plot that is both compelling and emotionally deep?
What I have learnt is that the hero and the heroine need to be driven by their conflict, not by some authorial contrivances – it is not up to me to make them do things – their conflict has to make them do things!!
My story is about a woman who cannot have children and a man who desperately wants them. The woman is frightened of rejection because of her emotional and physical scars. THIS is the conflict. This is the plot. Everything has to revolve around this. Each scene, each drama has to come back to this theme and plot.
Sounds easy? So far so good – three chapters in and it’s going okay.
Yeah well, come back in a week and let you know how I’m doing!

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