RWA Nationals in pictures

Okay- so where to start? The eight hours of turbulence? (Nah- why ruin a nice blog post).

Marriott Entrance Hall

Universal Studios

The swanky hotel.

The fabulous day out with friends at Universal Studios.


Santa Monica

The amazing tour of LA and Santa Monica (felt like I was on a movie set)


The Heartbeat lunch- where I met so many of my online friends (writers, readers, reviewers, editors…)

Sarah Morgan and Me! (fangirl moment!)

The Literacy signing- OMG! 400 authors meeting fans/readers face-to-face and raising $50,000 for charity in the process

The workshops- too many to choose from, too little time

The FOOD!- Americans sure know how to cook, flavor and pile it high!!
Melanie Milburne, Fiona Lowe and Tina Beckett
The Medical Authors’ Lunch- getting to know these wonderful women was amazing 
My fabulous roomies!!! I love you guys!
Downtown Disney 😉
More workshops- Michael Hauge- if you ever get the opportunity to go to one of his workshops- RUN to it!
The Harlequin Ball
Even more workshops…head spin, brain ache, lightbulb moments
Fiona and Rita!

The AWARDS DINNER- RITAS for two amazing writer friends- Fiona Lowe and Sarah Morgan



Once I’m more down to earth I’ll actually tell a little more about each day, more details- for now. let’s just say…I’m overwhelmed!

Louisa x

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