Man, I’m so glad it’s the weekend! It’s been a long week…in fact a long month. Since the beginning of August I’ve been to Florida (for a Romance Writers of America conference), The Bahamas (because we were in Florida, so why the heck not?), back to New Zealand and then a tiki tour round NZ with my visiting brother from the UK, a road trip to a Romance Writers of New Zealand conference in Rotorua and then a flight down to the bottom of the world (aka Dunedin) and a 1575kms road trip back with my son who has left university.

I’m blessed to have a flexible job and understanding husband but now I’m craving three consecutive nights in my own bed (yes please, it’ll be tonight!). I’m hoping September won’t be as busy as there are words to write for my new book which has the working title of Something Beginning With Mistletoe from my Something Borrowed series and I’m fast running out of time before the deadline of October 1st.

Plus…the crazy rollercoaster that is menopause is making a visit again, which is making me very happy indeedy (not). Who knew it was possible to have PMT and a hot flash at the same time? The fun just keeps on going…

This is how I’m feeling today: all zen one minute and frazzled the next. I’ll just leave this here:



Have a great weekend! Any plans other than my stay in bed and not get up until Monday morning ones?

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