Coming soon….Something Secret

Er…yes, it’s a book title! I’m not just announcing that I’m doing something secret…LOL

I did agonise over the name of the book. How to encapsulate a 62,000 word story in a couple of words? For my traditionally published books I don’t get a say in the title or the cover, but for my self published ones I get to choose everything!! (rubs hands with glee!)…but all that freedom is a double edged sword; what if I get it wrong? Most large publishing houses have market research people who interview readers regarding titles and covers and what compels them to buy a book. Me? I have just my gut and experience.

So when it came to choosing a title for Kat’s story I nutted it down to the plot, to what we all like know about, what we all have somewhere in our cupboards….secrets.

And Kat’s got one or two…

Here’s the blurb…

After being scammed by her own boyfriend Katriona Croft is big on honesty and loyalty. No way will she ever fall again for some two-bit scammer with a pretty face. But when Gabe Cassidy arrives in Portobello with a story about secrets and lies, and touting the sexiest smile she’s ever seen, all her resolve is blown apart and her loyalty to her best friend is sorely tested.

All his life Gabe’s mantra has been that being alone is better than being broken. But when he overhears a conversation in a pub his life is tipped upside down and instead of being alone he finds himself very much in the middle of a big family feud. Kat Croft seems to be the key to fixing it all, but any alone time with her makes things even more complicated…

Can Gabe convince the woman who has lost all trust to take a chance on sharing a whole lot more than secrets?

Stay tuned for a cover reveal!!!!

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