Something Secret is now LIVE!

I’m doing a little happy dance because Something Secret is now LIVE and available from all good e-retailers. I know some of you can’t wait to read Kat and Gabe’s story and find out just what secrets they have…and also to catch up on Chloe’s news…

The reviews are starting to come in and so far they’ve all been overwhelmingly positive. I’m so thrilled.
Also, this is a standalone book so you don’t need to have read the others to be able to follow this storyline.


A reminder of the blurb:

After being scammed by her own boyfriend Katriona Croft is big on honesty and loyalty. No way will she ever fall again for some two-bit scammer with a pretty face. But when Gabe Cassidy arrives in Portobello with a story about secrets and lies, and touting the sexiest smile she’s ever seen, all her resolve is blown apart and her loyalty to her best friend is sorely tested.

All his life Gabe’s mantra has been that being alone is better than being broken. But when he overhears a conversation in a pub his life is tipped upside down and instead of being alone he finds himself very much in the middle of a big family feud. Kat Croft seems to be the key to fixing it all, but any alone time with her makes things even more complicated…

But can Gabe convince the woman who has lost all trust to take a chance on sharing a whole lot more than secrets?

(Ahem…if you caught Gabe’s second name then you may have a clue as to what the secret is… ;-))


I really hope you LOVE this story as much as I did writing it. And please, leave a review on goodreads or amazon so others can get to know about me and my books.

Happy reading!

Louisa xx


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