Harlequin kiss

Friends meets New Girl… life and love in the city

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Backstage With Her Ex

(Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted™) Hiding out in the gents’ toilet backstage Sasha Sweet has a massive favor to ask her ex, but one glimpse of his sinfully dark eyes and she’s lost. Rock god Nate Munro is used to women doing anything to get his attention, but he never pictured bubbly…

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Her Client From Hell

(Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted™) 2nd in Sisters & Scandals duet. Her customer satisfaction guarantee…! Cassie Sweet has a new mantra in her life—failure is not an option! Her good-for-nothing ex might have run off with all her money, but she’s determined to make her new catering business a success. So no distractions.…

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Enemies With Benefits

(Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted™) The last man on earth she should hook up with! Poppy Spencer has discovered that there’s one thing worse than Christmas alone in her flat, and that’s spending it with Isaac Blair- her sworn-enemy-turned-reluctant-flatmate! And that’s not just because he knows all her secrets…but because his sexy-as-sin…

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