2019 Reading Challenge

I’m kind of stuck in a rut with my reading…I have my favourite go-to authors and then my comfort zone genre of romance and generally I’m happy here. I know which shelves to go directly to in the bookstore and those I zoom straight past. But I think it’s time I shook things up a bit and challenged myself to read something different. I read a post on monganmoments.com challenging us to diversify our reading and so I’m taking her up on it. In homage to her list I’ve created a very similar one.

January has to be all about romance because it’s RITA judging time and I’ll have between 5 and 9 romances to read. Often they aren’t sub genres I usually read so it’s always interesting. After that I’m following the plan. I haven’t decided which books I’m going to check out yet because I don’t know what’s coming out over the next 12 months, but chances are I’ll be reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography in February. But check back here and I’ll hit you up wth my choices.

So, who’s with me? Any recommendations for any of the categories?


  1. Kelly Mongan on December 7, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    I’m so excited that you’ll be joining the Diversify Your Reading Challenge! Definitely hoping to squeeze in some 2019 new releases, so I’m keeping my eyes on those, too. I look forward to seeing what Romance books you read in January – one of them might just inspire our February group pick!

    • Louisa George on December 8, 2018 at 10:21 am

      It’s such a great idea and I’m so glad I found your post about it! I won’t be able to share the romances from January because the RITA judging is top secret, but I’m sure we can find some fabulous 2019 romances to read and talk about online! xx

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