First Book out soon!

Happy New Year! Very best wishes for a fabulous 2012!

Hope you have made your resolutions and -over a week into them – are you finding a new you with a resolve and determination to make this year your best ever?
My resolutions are simple, I find that keeping them low key and achievable is the way to go:
-Lose the extra 3 kilos I put on over the Xmas period
-Spend more time with my family and friends
-Quit the procrastination!
-Avoid melodrama unless it’s on the page!
-Eat extra chill (I’m such a chilli wimp, but I’m told I’m missing out so I’m giving it a try)

It’s turning out to be a very exciting year for me – I have two books coming out! The first is: One Month to Become a Mum, out in March 2012 in UK (April-Jun in US/Aus). The 2nd book: Waking Up with his Runaway Bride is due out in July in UK and Aug/Sep for US/Aus. Both are from the Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Line.
Book three is trundling along in its infancy -I am 3 chapters down and can’t wait to see what chapter four bring for this quirky couple. Skye is planning a move to the other side of the world, but meets Adam, a brooding ex-army medic with a whole heap of issues. Their first meeting is filled with chemistry and sizzling heat, something they both need to avoid at all costs!
Tell me, what are you hoping for in 2012?
Until next time,
Louisa xx

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