Reasons to be cheerful!

spring color to make you smile!

  I don’t know about you, but I’m always really glad when winter is over. I get tired of being cold (having to type in fingerless gloves is no fun!), and I hate dark mornings. So now that spring has sprung in my corner of the world I have reasons to be cheerful! My garden is getting colorful again (instead of just brown), the breeze is warm and days are longer.

I’m also feeling happier because I can take to the beach without a zillion layers. I popped down the other day for a walk and to ponder where my current manuscript was headed. Sometimes it’s useful, when you’re stuck, to have a change of scenery, or take some exercise. Going to the beach was a combination of the two and it worked. I’ve only 2000 words to go ’til I’m finished with this story. (Oh- and then there’s the editing).  But I’m convinced hat that walk blew out the cobwebs and got my thinking about my story in a different way.

My local beach putting on a spring show


Then there’s my third reason to be cheerful. My third book, The War Hero’s Locked-Away Heart is coming out on pre-release on Monday.  It’s available for a month before other sites on the fabulous Mills and Boon website.


Here’s a reminder of the cover! Smoking HOT!  Now tell me- what are your reasons to be cheerful today?



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