Bigger than BIG news!

So I have a sekrit to share. Come closer….

The Harlequin KISS line have just acquired one of my books!  Backstage With Her Ex will be available in October 2013- on the shelves in US! It will also be on digital release, so all you fang-dangled techno readers out there will also be able to get a copy! It’s a romance between a rock-star and a music teacher featuring a Glee-style choir, a lot of lists and a good bit of sizzle. It was a hoot to write and I fell hopelessly in love with Nate Munro my bad-boy hero. As soon as I have back cover blurb I’ll share, I promise.

I’m so excited about this project as it’s a departure from my usual medical line books. If you don’t know already Harlequin KISS is a new line recently launched by Harlequin- it’s about savvy, contemporary urban women finding their match and fashioning their own happy ever afters. It’s a fabulous line with amazingly talented authors like Heidi Rice, Nicola Marsh, Nikki Logan, Amy Andrews, Kimberley Lang, Trish Wylie and Liz Fielding…oh, and now me.

Now I need a picture to illustrate how I feel….HMMMM… fireworks?….




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