My first US release!

Thinks are pretty happy here in the George household. I have my first US release! My three previous books have been UK, Australia and NZ only (with foreign translations variably to french and Italian)- but this is the first time my book has been available in America!

I’m so excited!

The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date has the following blurb:

A mistake waiting to happen?

It’s been four years since infamous party girl delectable Daniella Danatello brought her powerful family the wrong sort of publicity!  Dani’s desperate to get back in their good books, and accepts a job as physiotherapist on her father’s rugby team.

There’s just one thing-one man-standing in the way of earning back her self-respect: the team doctor, Zac Price. With killer abs and infuriatingly sexy arrogance, Zac is one massive distraction-and now she’s his colleague any involvement with him would break all the rules. Dani’s determined to keep away…but Zac’s just too tempting to ignore…

This is something different for a medical romance- the sizzle and the tension are still there, there’s still medical detail- but it’s an unconventional setting….a sports tournament. I wanted to explore an unusual part of the medical profession, one that isn’t seen or talked about much, but one that keeps all those well honed athletes at the top of their game. But don’t worry if you don’t like sport- there’s not a lot of it in the book!

Here’s the US cover:

Last Dr US version

Last Dr US version












I’ve also had some great reviews on goodreads!


Buy the book at: 

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