A tale of two authors…

A few years ago I decided I was going to write a book. A romance no less. I also decided that the best way to learn how to write a book would be to attend a conference about romance writing. So I did. The Romance Writers of New Zealand and the Romance Writers of Australia hold conferences every August- so I popped along to one, then another…by the time I went to my third I was getting a bit more knowledgable about this writing lark- knowledgeable, not necessarily good. And I was meeting plenty of like-minded people from all over Australasia. One of these people was Sue MacKay who is adorable and happened, like me, to be targeting the Mills and Boon medical line.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea, we thought- if we swapped bits of work and shared our thoughts. Critiquing, suggesting, constructive criticism, call it what you like, just to see if we had any ideas on improving things and increasing our chances at success… so we began to email chapters and discuss craft.

Then one day Sue got The Call!  (I’d always known she was far far better at this than I was…)- we were thrilled! It was so very exciting to see all her hard work pay off- and to finally get the dream publishing contract!! And so we continued to share bits of work and brainstorm and critique.  And then, about a year or so later I got The Call too!  It was an amazing journey for both of us from unpublished to published- and we often referred to ourselves as partners in crime.

None more so than when our editors asked us if we would be interested in writing a medical duet! That meant that we were going to write connected stories to be sold in a 2-in-1 book- our stories. Together. It felt, for me, like a culmination of everything we’d been through together. A celebration of our work.

And here it is, finally. Three years after Sue got The Call and two years after mine.Heartbreaker 2in1 UK 

The Infamous Maitland Brothers. Doctors, Brothers…Rivals! Can finding the right women reunite them?

Here’s the back cover blurb: 

The Gift of a Child by Sue MacKay:

Jodi will do anything to save her desperately ill toddler. Including asking the man she loved and had to walk away from- her son’s father, Dr Mitchell Maitland- for help. Mitchell never thought he would see his beautiful Jodi again, or learn that he’s a daddy! Now Mitchell has a chance to prove he’s the man Jodi and Jamie deserve…

How to Resist a Heartbreaker by Louisa George (that’s me!!)

Nurse Gabby Radley knows exactly who sexy Max Maitland is- hot-shot surgeon with no strings attached. So attempting to balance a fling, working together and Gabby’s runaway past equals a relationship with a seriously complicated health warning! Giving in to their sizzling chemistry is one thing, but trusting him with her heart is a different story…

Available now from : http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/books/medical/the-gift-of-a-child—how-to-resist-a-heartbreaker.htm

And available from July 5th at all ebook sellers and most booksellers in UK, US, Australia and NZ. And I’m thrilled and proud to have such a wonderful friend and writer to share this with.


Look out for giveaways of this duet…coming soon……

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