The Secret Art of Forgiveness is out…


I’ve been a little quiet because I’ve been nursing a heavy cold and haven’t been able to think straight this week, but the good news is that THE SECRET ART OF FORGIVENESS launched last Thursday and the reviews have been great! (So far, so good!)

I was a little anxious about how people would react to this book as it’s a bit of departure for me…much more women’s fiction than a romance (although there are romantic elements). The premise is about a woman living in New York who is asked to go home to help look after her sick step-father. Once there she has to face the issues that had alienated her from her family and from the village. I wanted to tackle issues that face a lot of us living far away from family–the guilt at not being there when people need us, the choices we have to make about whether we do best by us or by them, and how people cope when faced with challenges that make them re-evaluate their lives and careers and dreams. It’s a story about growing up, but more, it’s a story about hope.

Here’s the blurb:

Living in a big city, means you can escape your past…
Until Emily Forrester is called back to Little Duxbury, the chocolate-box English village where she grew up – though it was anything but idyllic for the tearaway teenager. Her estranged step-father, a former high-court judge, is unwell and her step-sisters need her help.

It’s just a week, Emily tells herself, but faced with the lies – and hard truths – that drove her to leave in the first place is difficult enough. Having to cope with a step-father (and the only parent she has left) who is so unlike the man she remembers pushes Emily’s emotions in ways she hasn’t been tested in years – since her mother’s death.

They say home is where the heart is – but by the end of the week, Emily isn’t entirely sure which home that is.

A beautiful and unforgettable romance that will have you laughing and crying.

Here’s what the reviewers are saying… “This book was written so beautifully, with so much love that I felt every bit of the emotion towards home and how Emily felt about her life. It was so perfect for me to read right now, another great example of books finding you when you need them most.”

“There was so much rawness and emotion, it took my breath away.”

The Secret Art Of Forgiveness is available as an ebook from all e-tailers, but here’s a couple of links to get you started:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Until next time, happy reading!

Louisa xx

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