Crochet progress, finished wip!

I try to make Wednesday a ‘work in progress’ update and today I should have blogged about my latest book (working title: “book 23” because I am so creative that’s all I can come up with!! No, actually, I lie… I’m thinking of calling it ‘Something Beginning With Mistletoe’ …it’s a Christmas book, but you guessed that, right?)

But the book is getting me down a little. Even after 22 books I still suffer from imposter syndrome (another blog post for another day!)

So today is just a quick update on my current work in progress my attic 24 bag. I LOVE the colours Lucy uses in her blog but I just wanted to use up some yarn I had left over from the wonky wobbly blanket I made (I’ll post the story of that particular crochet disaster another day!!).

Anyhoo, what with traveling and working I have taken ages to finish the bag but here it is!!

Cute eh? I used it today and felt so proud with it on my shoulder. I love the finishing touches of the flowers that hide where the straps attach to the bag. I also lined it. Badly. I put the lining in inside out, in fact. Yes. But because I’m not a perfectionist I decided to leave it as it is. I’m the only one who knows (apart from you now, obviously) and I don’t care.

Oh, a top tip from a bad crocheter… I used 4 buttons on the flowers and chose one to be a different colour so I’d always know which side was the front of the bag and could therefore ensure to hide the dropped stitches and bad row joins! Hey, I’m a beginner!

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