WIP Wednesday

What is WIP? I hear you ask. It means Work In Progress and I thought I’d let you know where I’m up to on a couple of projects I’m doing.

  1. Writing: I’m currently writing a ‘duet’ book with another medical romance author Sue Mackay. A duet is basically two books with an overarching arc and a separate romance in each story. Mine is the first story and Sue’s is the second. I’m very excited about it. It’s about two men who used to be old adversaries. Through a tragic event one owes the other his life and they’ve avoided each other for years but now they have to work together. What’s more exciting is that the books are set on a boat, in the Mediterranean, that rescues refugees from the sea and takes them to safe havens. I’ve been doing some research about this kind of boat and the Doctors Without Borders teams that work on them. It’s fascinating, and heartbreaking and inspirational. So why not give two of the team a happy ever after? They certainly deserve it. At this point I’m only 11,000 words into a 55,000 word story, but things are progressing. Luckily Sue and I have written two duets together before and we know how each other works. We have emails zipping back and forth about what a character would say or how he’d act etc…lots of fun.
  2. Crochet: I am still plodding along with the Attic 24 Moorland blanket. It’s been hard learning the pattern and getting all the stitches to line up in the correct order and I still count out loud but I love the way it is growing and I can’t wait to have it finished… 2025 anyone?  This blanket is so dear to me, it’s supposed to be reflective of the Yorkshire moors in England, this is where I grew up and it makes me so homesick. When I’ve finished I’ll have a little bit of home to snuggle into.  At the moment I’m at the heather and grass stage….can’t wait to get to the blue sky!


3. Crochet: So it’s always important to have variety in your life, right? When we got back from our big trip earlier this year the Doc asked me to make him a chunky scarf like the ones he saw in Europe. So I did. Brown and thick and chunky to his specifications in length and width. But, even though he likes it and wears it a lot it’s not long enough (grrrr…..!!!) So he asked me to make another. I took him to a yarn shop (he looked both ways before he went in to make sure no one he knew saw him enter it!!!) and he chose a 4 ply merino/possum mix wool. The most expensive ran I have ever bought. And the most difficult to use because it’s a dark grey and so fine I have to wear a head torch when I’m crocheting so I can see the stitches. It’s not going well. So slow to grow and I’m not entirely sure I have the same number of stitches as when I started. I’ll keep you posted! (ETA just looking at this photo confirms it’s not the same width as when I started. Looks like I’ve got some ‘frogging’ to do! (Frogging is ripping out the stitches and starting over….)

Do you have any WIPS in progress? How’s it going for you?

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