5 Reasons why book reviews rock

  1. Do you read books? Do you write reviews? As a reader, do reviews sway your book purchase choices? Or do you rely on word of mouth recommendations from friends/family? Do you use goodreads/amazon to help you choose your reads? Do you give back to the reader/author community with your thoughts too? There are so many books out there, as a reader, it’s great to hear about a book that someone has raved about. When I’m looking for my next big read I scour goodreads or amazon bestseller lists for a recommendation and I always ask my reader friends what they’ve been loving recently.
  1. As an author it’s fabulous to know someone has enjoyed your book, what worked and what didn’t.
  2. It’s helpful to a reader to know the heat level etc, or using comparisons such as… ‘readers of JoJo Moyes would love this!’ etc
  3. You’re helping your favourite author/s: the more reviews a book gets then the chance of getting chosen for promotions such as bookbub or amazon deal of the day increases greatly.
  4. Talking about books means we get to share our love for reading with like minded people – win!!
  5. You don’t have to write a novel of your own when reviewing – just a few words will do. Anything will help the author get more visibility, which means the authors you love will get more readers, which means you get to talk about your love of their books with more people!


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