The end!

The End. Two words that strike such emotions as relief and joy and ‘what have I done? Will they like it?  in any jobbing author. I have finished book 27 and it has been accepted by my editor. Saved By their One Night Stand Baby is coming out in July 2019 from Mills and Boon. It’s a medical romance and the first book in a duet with the lovely Sue MacKay, set on board the SOS Poseidon a (fictional) rescue boat in the Mediterranean sea.

Writing a book is no easy task, sometimes the words and ideas flow and it’s plain sailing, but other times you just have to hunker down and force the words out. Luckily this book was one of the most fluid ones I have ever written…I hope that shows in the end result. Watch this space!

So now I’m starting book 28. Something Blue is book 5 in my Something Borrowed series and will be on the shelves (e book shelves at least!) at the end of February… better get the thinking cap on!

I hope all is well in your world and that you’re managing to surmount any hurdles that come your way!

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